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Of these families, only the Mac Tigernains of Tellach Dunchadha in the barony of Tullyhunco in Co Cavan are easily identifiable, since they appear prominently in the annals of Ireland.The territory of the Meg Tigernains of Clann Ferghail is now unknown; but since they appear in O'Dugan's Topographical Poem in both the territories of the Cenel Conaill and the Airgiallaigh, it is likely they held lands along the Donegal-Fermanagh border.All of us originate in North Leitrim, North Roscommon and the Geevagh parish area of Co Sligo.Thomas Mc Ternan (CA), one of the testers is from Co Cavan.Deducing from historical leases that Bryan's oldest son, John was of age by 1763, Bryan was most likely born c.1712, married c 1733 and died in 1766, ten years before the American Revolution. Bryan Kernan was the scion of the Ulster family Mac Tigearnain of the Brefny.Based on the DNA test for 111 Mac Tighernans, it appears that the tested Mc Ternans fall into 19 separate genetic groups.

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The DNA test that 111 Mac Tighernans took proved that both The O'Rorke and the O'Connor Don are not linked genetically to us.Tullyhunco and Sheskin are about 30 miles apart as the crow flies.Leitrim largely escaped the Viking raids between 874 and 950 and was one of a handful of counties that escaped the 12th century Norman invasion.The one in Co Fermanagh may have moved or died out.The one mentioned from Co Cavan may well be from the parish of Killashandra, Barony of Tullyhunco. Loughlan of the Clan Mc Loughlan Society: "The O'Clery Book of Genealogies lists four Mac Tighearnain or Clann Tighearnain lines, all of which may have taken the surname Mac Tiernan.

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