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If you are unable to proceed with a purchase from an Italian website – which may well be why you arrived here – then read on.

At the end of this article, you’ll also find instructions on how you might be able to recover a lost officially issued Italian tax code – .

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Again, note that this does not create an official Codice Fiscale, as has already been pointed out more than a few times.

Very kindly, this gentleman, Luca Gentile, carried out some inquiries.

He told me that there’s no obligation under Italian law for e-commerce websites based in Italy to request an Italian codice fiscale tax code from purchasers who are not Italian.

No codice fiscale, no ticket for an interesting attraction, or no interesting wine from a producer in Italy.

September 2015 update: I mentioned the codice fiscale issues to someone who works for a major credit card issuer and processor in Italy.

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