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And, oh—there’s a few hickey’s his giant hoodie can't cover.“Um,” Jungkook doesn't know what to say. He looks a little scared now that all these people are in front of him, he clutches Holly close to him.“Hey, um—” Jimin tries but he's looking at the man. He very obviously just went from scared to annoyed. “You're basically flirting with my baby.”“Shut up,” Yoongi mumbles.“Hi! I haven't ate yet and was going to get some food before Holly came out of nowhere.”“How come you didn't eat?

As is Taehyung who says:“Holy shit, I'm suddenly very very gay.”“Holly! Hoseok pushes past his friends to get his dog but freezes. I'm Taehyung, it's nice to meet you, I hope we can be good friends and hang out! ” Hoseok asks and he snuggles in Yoongi’s neck.“Boss called and said he needed my paper today.

Hoseok hums a tune as Yoongi closes his eyes and falls asleep.

Next to Hoseok his phone goes off with a text message.

Such questions are understandable, especially since many avoid reading the Song of Solomon or because it is not a text from which many sermons are given.

The neglect of this book of the Bible is quite unfortunate, especially in our sex driven and depraved culture that treats something of beauty created by God to be enjoyed within the confines of marriage as nothing more than a passing fancy to be distributed as one pleases regardless of the consequences.

My boyfriend's got a very talented mouth.”“I want to fucking die,” Taehyung groans into his hands as Jungkook downs a shot.“Guys,” Hoseok whispers harshly. He doesn't remember anything from when they last hung out, but he's sure they all got drunk as hell and called a cab to get home. Hoseok rubs at his eyes as he sighs.“He told his friends and they all left him,” Hoseok whispers. Hoseok kicks his leg.“So I went home and was tired and exhausted and just feeling plain tired. We want to see him,” Jin says softly.“He's actually cute, right? “Because Hoseok dated that one girl and, I'm sorry, but she looked and acted like a rat. He's an angel, my angel, my soul partner.”“What did he do this time?Hoseok smiles and sits with everyone.“He can be shy. And I know you're all kinky as hell, so shush up,” Hoseok whispers harshly. They're sitting outside in a public area and they're are kids around about thirty meters away…“Why’d you name him Holly? He scatters to a stop when he sees a man crouching down to pet the dog.“Hey cutie,” he says with a big gummy smile on his face. He's short, probably a few centimeters shorter than Jimin.He looks at it sees it's from his chat with the guys.jimchim: hoseok u kinky shitseagull: how does yoon deal with ur possessive ass Joon Doom: his poor neck Jinten: tbh I don't know how Hoseok got that good of catch TAEBAE: ikr like i went gay for a minute bc yoon yknow yknowhobi: shut he's sleeping next to me hoes TAEBAE: (/ω\)seagull: (/ω\)jimchim: (/ω\)hobi: go to sleep kids Hoseok turns his phone off and tosses it somewhere on the bed.He turns the side lamp off and smiles as he snuggles close to Yoongi.

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