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It turns out Lisa had an affair with Sara's husband who happened to be the Principal of the school, and she was not happy when she found out. That was until Sara pulled out a hidden video tape.

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Jill came in to class for the 3rd time late this week, and her teacher was really pissed off.

Lori then got a big smile on her face, pulled out a strapon from her desk and asked "anything? Gina was shocked, but agreed that she would do anything just as long as she got to stay in school!

Watch as her teacher gives her a lesson she will never forget!

Gina came into class the third time this week, and her teacher was very pissed off.

Her teacher Lori decided enough was a enough and told Gina she was going to be kicked out of school.

Karen then proceeded to ask Catrina to take off all of her clothing so she could spank her ass as hard as she could, to remind Catrina never to smoke cigarettes again! Like any couple that's been together for awhile, their sex life started getting boring. When he brought up the idea of ass licking, his girlfriend couldn't have been a better sport!

In fact she's been wanting to try it since she saw it in a porno and thought it might feel really good.

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