Hollywood sexcapades online

Memories of the roast must be especially awkward for the various NBC executives now claiming they had no idea about Lauer’s reputation for sex harassment of women.

“This was a comedic roast, but there was clearly a vein of truth running through all those jokes,” said a media executive who was in attendance.

“Let me just say that I saw that colon a lot before the rest of you saw it,” Lauer said in an anal sex joke about Couric (who famously underwent a colonoscopy on air).

“Matt was having some trouble at home with the wife,” he said. “Two white men watching golf.” “Today” co-host Al Roker was the “roastmaster” and Tom Cruise (who had famously feuded with Lauer on air over Scientology) made peace with a surprise appearance as a guest roaster.

Former “Today” star Katie Couric went next, reading a David Letterman-style Top 10 list of facts about Lauer. 10 - According to his wife, he’s not really an early riser, if you know what I mean.” But a shot at Lauer’s in-office relationship with Curry, who was in the room, got the biggest laugh of Couric’s routine. 2 - He loves to eat Curry,” she said as Curry (sitting in the audience) went pale and the crowd roared with laughter. But the most cringeworthy comments, in hindsight, were made by Lauer himself, who spoke at the end of the roast.

The “Today” star alluded to sex with two former colleagues, Couric and Curry.

That's , and while not a perfect quotation, the man had been playing polo and drinking all day, so points for the attempt.)"Macbeth would never be elected today with that f--king advice," friend and fellow cast member Whitney Sudler-Smith retorts."Well, then I won't be elected," Ravenel says.

His friend and political consultant, Will Folks, who also appears on the show, says that's just Ravenel.

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