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So I went to this doctor in Sweden and changed my sex...I always wanted to be a movie star, you know, bright lights, flashy cars, glamour, the She explained that "in a round-about way," she was responsible for the killings that had given Emanuelle the opportunity to star in the soft-core film ("Once you were in Hollywood, things would start happening for you").The struggle ended when the secretary's neck was broken by the killer (and later, Martine's bloody head was delivered in a box).

The reconstructed purple-bikinied female monster, his resultant "Bride of Frankenstein", with purple patchworked, mismatched parts including purplish areola on her breasts, was dubbed 'Frankenhooker' since she only wanted to turn tricks on Times Square streets. (There was a final disgusting revenge scene upon Zorro by the female body parts.) Jeffrey had his head grafted onto the body of a large breasted hooker's body in order to be rejuvenated. The two females were engaged in a deadly power-struggle love-triangle for the male's attention: Deceitful Myra was the romantic interest for Roy - she enticed and seduced him within a naked doorway to become his affectionate floozy girlfriend. The glass smashed and cut an artery in his neck - and he profusely bled to death on the floor in front of her! I wept because the process by which I had become a woman was painful. I wept because I had lost my pain and I was not yet accustomed to its absence.And now you really have nowhere to hide."Costume/wardrobe girl Myra ("Scream Queen Brinke Stevens), the girlfriend of narcissistic leading man Richard "Dick" Trent (Jay Richardson), wanted the role but was denied by harried director TJ Mc Masters (Oliver Darrow) - who was often seen being seduced by his dark-haired secretary Martine (Dana Bentley).Now that four female stars had been murdered, producer Mac Regan (Jeffrey Culver) encouraged TJ to bring busty, leggy and exotic blonde sex goddess/ author Emanuelle Fortes (Russ Meyer bimbo Edy Williams) from Europe to star in the picture, stating that she had "great tits." Once the breathy replacement actress arrived, and while dipping naked in a jacuzzi, Emanuelle was attacked from behind by the masked killer and kidnapped, although she escaped and ended up loosely draped in a robe in a convenience/liquor store during an inept robbery.Emanuelle again confronted the killer, unmasking Myra, who confessed:"I just wasn't cut out to be a boy, you know.I was lousy at sports, beer made me nauseous, I hated shaving in the morning.

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