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The Spy Who Came in for a Cold One The bar patrons are all enthralled by the mysterious gentleman who claims to be a secret agent.Friends, Romans, Accountants Norm tries to make points with the boss by planning the annual office party at Cheers and arranging for Diane to be the old man's date.Manager Coach Coach becomes a slave driver when he's put in charge of Little League team.Personal Business Diane, angry at the implication that she couldn't hold a job anywhere but Cheers, leaves for a better position and Norm leaves Vera.Sam at Eleven Sam realizes how much he misses his former sports celebrity status when a local newscaster asks to interview him again.Truce or Consequences Diane and Carla decide to bury the hatchet over after-work drinks, which lead to a startling confession from Carla about her youngest child.SEASON ONE 1982-1983 Give Me a Ring Sometime Sophisticated Diane Chambers is dumped by her fiance in a blue collar Boston bar where she meets baseball star-turned-bar owner Sam Malone.Sam's Women Diane's teases Sam for dating air-headed women, causing him to look for a date of a higher cerebral plane.

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One for the Book While Diane keeps notes on bar conversation, a novice comes in for one final fling before entering a monastery and a World War I doughboy shows up for a very small reunion.Where There's a Will Sam lets a dying man tend bar just for fun, but the man leaves the bar patrons 0,000 in a paper napkin will.They Called Me Mayday Sam and Diane go to work after Dick Cavett suggests that Sam's autobiography might sell and Norm confronts an old flame of Vera's who's interested in her again.for the transatlantic region and resolving global issues, regardless of the different legislative periods and different terms of office applicable to the Administration, the Council, Parliament and the Commission.della regione transatlantica e a risolvere le questioni globali, a prescindere dai diversi periodi legislativi e dai diversi mandati applicabili all’Amministrazione, al Consiglio, al Parlamento e alla the Government of Germany, that it should not be just two countries taking decisions on the Baltic pipeline, but this should be done with the understanding and agreement of this House and all Member States.particolar modo, al governo tedesco, che non dovrebbero essere solo due paesi a decidere in merito al gasdotto baltico, ma dovrebbe essere fatto con l’accordo e il consenso di quest’Aula e di tutti gli Stati membri.order to set out a general framework of administrative expenses so that the Budget Authority can take decisions on the use of resources following a multiannual, sustainable approach that aims for the comparability of the information provided over time and across the institutions.necessarie a delineare un quadro generale delle spese amministrative, in modo tale che l’Autorità di bilancio possa prendere decisioni sull’uso delle risorse secondo un approccio pluriennale, sostenibile e orientato alla comparabilità nel tempo e tra le istituzioni dei dati forniti.Reform Party, to the effect that if the proposals for increased threshold values are adopted, we shall not be able to support the proposals because, in our view, they limit this area of application still more.

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