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Stars: Matthew Mercer, Taliesin Jaffe, Felicia Day, Sam Riegel Buoyed by a new business partner, Peter jets off to Europe to sign a big deal for the factory and his new investor Sunny goes with him unknown to Nina. The team is split - with Vex, Percy, Scanlan and Grog gaining some new allies as they set off to hunt a vicious white dragon.

Stars: Matthew Mercer, Taliesin Jaffe, Felicia Day, Sam Riegel After killing Caleb, Buffy conceives a plan to defeat the First once and for all.

Wheaton explains the rules (“It’s a fantasy-filled land with crazy races … ”), sings made-up songs, and champions the newbies.

“Nothing makes me happier than seeing a new player come in and just exploit a total screw-up by a veteran,” he enthuses in the first episode.

A live weekly show, where a band of professional voice actors improvise, role-play and roll their way through an epic Dungeons & Dragons campaign.

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“And I wanted to do them in a way that’s not standard.. ” The first shows to premiere on the channel are “The Flog” (new episodes every Monday), “Dark Horse Motion Comic”s (new episodes every Wednesday), and “Table Top” (new episodes every other Friday). ) features the actress/producer exploring just about anything that interests her, guerilla-style.

And sometimes I don’t even know if I want to do some of these things — like the trapeze episode, because I’m much more scared of heights than I thought.

But we don’t know until we try it.” Although Day is associated with online gaming, the show “Table Top,” hosted by Wil Wheaton, is about (like the title suggests) tabletop games such as “Small World,” “Dragon Age,” and “Fluxx.” Wheaton plays with guests such as “Mythbusters” host Grant Imahara, Leverage’s Beth Riesgraf, and Colin Ferguson.

Executive Producers Jamie Paglia and Bruce Miller also sat in on the panel.

Felicia Day is a geek goddess — after all, she’s the creator and star of the online gamer series “The Guild” (which in turn inspired Joss Whedon’s smash miniseries “Dr.

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