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Every year more and more people are committed to living more sustainable and reducing their own carbon footprint.

With large companies putting their sustainability statements out there for the world to see and with local and national governments getting on board with “green” initiatives we are seeing more and more people embracing a healthier, greenier lifestyle.

The climate change around the globe has impacted us all in different ways: 1) Higher temperature d) Property damage due to fire and floods.

This year we had several major storms which damaged seashores, residential and business real estate, as well as destruction to wildlife.

Overall it could have been a lot worst, but the devastation was done and now there is nothing left to do but rebuild structures and spirits.

Not only has climate change affected storm surges, destroying property, coast lines and animals homes, its affected the economy, farmers crops & livestock, fisherman’s catches, wildlife vegetation, habitats and migration patterns.

He’s got a fast right hand over the top which is dangerous but, though I have seen him take people out, he’s not a really concussive puncher at top world level.This year Earth Day and the Earth Network are celebrating the face of climate change.Over the past 43 years, since Earth Day began, we have seen numerous changes in climate, in our own back yard and around the globe.According to an article found on gov, Agriculture and Food Supply Impacts & Adaptation, agriculture is an important sector of the U. In addition to the 0 billon dollars contributed to the economy each year the U. also exports 30% of all wheat, corn and rice in the global market.Higher temperatures mean crops can grow quicker, however faster isn’t always better.

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